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Start Your Journey

Are you ready for an alternative?
Have you considered vaping as an alternative to your current lifestyle? Feeling worried about whether or not it will work for you?
We have great news. We are always involved in our community and we are committed to guiding you through your journey.
Start your journey. Make the switch is a new initiative that is available at all DashVapes retail locations and online, that encourages people to make the switch.

How do I get a free Starter Kit?
The Start Your Journey. Make the Switch initiative sets you up for success. Purchase $50.00 in E-Juice and receive:
Upgrade to an Aspire Breeze when you spend $70 or more on e-liquid

Why is a $50 purchase necessary?
Vaping is a very personal experience, and differs greatly between people. What may work exceptionally well for one individual, may be completely the wrong setup for another. As such, we give you the flexibility of choosing the variable component (E-Juice), meanwhile providing you with an essential kit to get started.

Who is eligible for Make the Switch?
Through this initiative, we hope to create awareness, bring knowledge and offer an affordable solution for new vapers. As such, only new customers are eligible to receive this promotion. Are you an existing customer? Don't be upset, we didn't forget you! Mention this promotion and receive 10% off eligible items on your order.
Where can I make the switch?
The promotion is available via our website and at all DashVapes Retail locations:

Setting up, Filling, and Using the Joyetech AiO
Setting up, Filling, and Using the Aspire Breeze
Start Your Journey. Make the Switch.® is a limited time promotion. Available while supplies last. DashVapes reserves the right to deny the promotion to any one for any reason.